Youngcoder Platform

Youngcoder Platform - an innovation in e-learning

Logical problem solving is very useful in any field, especially in education. To develop students' skills in this area we are proposing an innovative tool supporting the progress of analytical thinking.

Youngcoder Platform is ...

... produced to... improve and enrich learning development in the are of algorithms and programming. The platform guides a user in a step by step procedure through all of the different aspects involved in the process of programming.

...targeted at teachers, students and individual users. The plarform can be used by ICT teachers as a teaching aid or by individual users anyone who would like to master algorithms and learn the programming languages from the beginning.

... easy adjustable to to individual teacher's and/or student's preferences. Flexible system of content management makes it possible to quickly select materials that suit students' level or school syllabus. A teacher can upload and edit his/her own materials and add them to a previouslt prepared lesson.

... equipped with a set of programming problems and theoretical content. Each lesson includes a description, examples and problems to be solved individually. Automatic verification of solutions makes it possible to quickly prepare a test or a contest and publish its results.


The platform is a source of programming knowledge from algorithms and programming. It covers two programming languages: Java and C++.


The editor of the content gives an opportunity to adjust the lessons and/or tasks to particular lesson's or user's needs. Each lesson can contain problems that correspond educational requirements of particular groups of learners.

Online judge

All the solutions are sent to a server where they are checked by the online judge system. The system provides feedback, a result, a few seconds later. The system checks if a given program is executable and verifies the quality of the solution on the basis of memory taken by the program and time needed for execution.


The platform enables quick sontest/test preparation on programming. The tournaments might be within a school, among several schools or nationwide.
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